Kia PR - Custom Pop Up Tents

Posted by Luis Morales on

Two pop up tents for Kia MotorsKia Motors is not just in the business of making cars for profit, they are committed to satisfying the social, economic and ecological needs of humanity and fulfill their social responsibilities to make our society an affluent and sustainable place. They continue to design cars that minimize energy consumption and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Their ultimate goal is to “produce cars that benefit humanity”. Kia Motors presence is global, this time, PDG designed a couple of 10x10 pop up canopy tents for Kia Motors Puerto Rico. Just like with Kia, PDG has worked with many other industries across the globe. We have been manufacturing tents for over 3 decades, it is no wonder why some of the most prestigious companies like kia that has more than 70 years of history, always end up choosing us.

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