Apple Market - Custom Pop Up Tents

Posted by Luis Morales on

10x10 Pop Up TentApple Market Grocery Stores serve many areas in Kansas and Nebraska. With other Food Grocery Stores in the area, retaining and loyal client based requires a lot of promotional work. This is why Apple Market contacted us to make this 10x10 custom pop up tent. Not only can it be used to shade produce that is displayed outside the store but it can also be transported easily between their multiple locations.

Custom pop up tent manufactured for Apple Market

Pop up canopy tents are most popular among our clients because they are one of the most practical ways to improve brand recognition and customer expansion. These type of tents are easily transported and are an important element to businesses that are on the road doing different city pop ups. If you’re in the food truck business, you may be in need of a pop up canopy. Send us your graphics for a free rendering today.

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